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Follow these rules while doing brand identity

When it comes to brand identity, there are a few basic rules that should be followed in order to get better results. One of the most important things is to always use a consistent color palette throughout the brand.


The primary color should always be defined as who you are, but you have two more colors in to complete your palette and mostly these come from the opposite side of the color wheel. It is important to use these colors in moderation. A good color combination should be a mixture of colors with similar tones.


You also have to select typefaces appropriately. A well-designed typeface is important for a brand identity. It should be in a consistent style across all channels. This way, it is easily recognizable and can also help build trust. It should have the ability to work on small medium, large and bold sizes, which will make you stand out from the competition. It should also be easy to read. A good font should be easy to distinguish and have a clean look.


logo designing is a major part of a brand identity process before that you must have a strategy in place to support your brand face which is the logo. This is crucial because this will be the first thing people will see and associate with. It is always preferred to create a logo in 2D as in most scenarios 3d and digital logos fall apart when putting them on places like visiting cards, stamps, etc. These small details will instantly evoke a mood or an association in the viewer’s eye. So, it’s important to ask professionals to design logos. If your logo is a wordmark then your font should be simple and uncomplicated and you should have at least three versions of the logo to use. big, medium, and small. This way, you will have a complete and cohesive brand.


Developing guidelines for the logo is another key step in the branding process. You need to establish guidelines for the fonts and colors that will best express the brand’s personality. Then, you can involve your marketing team in this process. Remember, detail is important and even the smallest inconsistencies can confuse the consumer. The more consistent your logo is, the better! There are a few things you can do to ensure that your brand identity is cohesive and effective. Creating guidelines for your brand is a critical part of the branding process. Without a strong brand guide, you can’t keep a consistent color palette. You’ll want to make sure you have guidelines for your fonts and colors, as well as how to properly use them. A strong brand guide is vital when it comes to creating consistency and visual communication. For example, if you’re using different fonts for your text, make sure they all match perfectly. This will help you avoid confusing your customers. Lastly, you should have a logo guide that explains your company’s mission and your product’s purpose.


Designing a logo is just the beginning. Your brand identity is the most important part of your company’s marketing strategy. You can’t make a change to your logo without a brand guide. By following these rules, you’ll be able to create a cohesive visual identity that will help your business succeed in your industry. You’ll also have to consider how your logo will be used by others. So, if you want to do some branding, hire creative professionals or follow these rules carefully and you’ll have a successful identity in no time.

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