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Why businesses must have Testimonial Videos

Trust is one of the most important effects for your brand, and one of the stylish ways to induce trust is through testimonial videos. According to exploration from Podium( an interactive operation company), 58 of people look at online reviews at least daily. And, according to our exploration, 95 of people say that reviews – whether positive or negative – influence their purchasing opinions.

A testimonial videotape is one of the most particular( and important!) forms of online review. It shows that your guests are so happy with their experience that they’re willing to put their name and their face to it.

Still, take a look at our composition How to produce an important testimonial videotape that converts, If you want to know further about testimonial vids and how to produce one. If you’re looking for alleviation also stay right then.

4 brilliant examples of testimonial videos

Real Estate Testimonial Video


Okay, so we have to talk about one of the testimonial videos that we have produced in a past for Pyramid homes. Nowadays it’s important to understand the audience whom you want to target especially if it’s through social media advertising, you need to hook your viewers within 3 seconds hence you will be going to need fast visuals that tell the whole story about what comes next. Small things like these will impact your ads performance on socials moreover, it’s not only about fast visuals that sell every time. If your target audience is above 45 of age you have open the video slowly as they need more time to process the frames and they do not appreciate fast pace visuals. Hence, you need to keep in mind that your video should give great value to the plutocrat to attract their attention.

Corporate Testimonial Video

Companies produce testimonial videos of different types here is an example of an employee’s testimonial video where she shares her journey in RemoteBase. Our production team has decided to take it to non-traditional style testimonials as they are targeting fresh graduates as Hafsa tells her experience working as a remote Javascript developer. She told that she is an introverted person and remote base trained and polish her skills and build her strong character.

No Face Testimonial Video

It’s not always necessary to show a person’s face in the testimonial sometimes you need their word as they have the authority or connections you need but either they are camera shy or have personal reasons. We all have to respect it as through visuals you are actually telling their story by matching the visual with the voice. Ultimately its the story that sells.

Low Budget/ Selfmade Testimonial Video

For most startups, it’s not easy to hire professional video producers or videographers to shoot testimonial videos. For them it’s good to do it with their smartphone camera, saving them time and resources. just like the given example, it’s totally made on a smartphone, however, you should have to focus on basic filmmaking techniques to look more professional.

Professional Testimonial Video

Our team of professional video producers and videographers can help you in producing top-notch testimonial videos in accordance with the scale of the project. We also produce TV Commercials and Corporate videos as a full-service video company based in Lahore, Pakistan. You can visit our portfolio here.

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