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5 things to focus on before
setting up for re-branding

Here at the Creative Engine when doing rebranding we tell our clients that it’s a good time to reassess your business. The right rebranding strategy can stimulate business growth and help you stand out from the competition. However, before you embark on the rebranding process, you need to know five things that will help you succeed. Here are five of them. Keeping them in mind will make the process much easier and get you the desired results.

1. Vision

you need to define your company’s vision. This statement will be the guiding force for all actions. It may change over time, so it’s essential to define your brand’s new identity quickly. Your vision will influence everything from the redesign of your website to your hiring process. It’s important to focus on defining your vision for your business so it can stand out in the crowd.

2. Values & Mission 

Create a word cloud of your company’s mission and values. This will act as the North Star for your entire organization. It will drive your entire rebranding process, from website redesign to the hiring process. If your vision is too broad or too narrow, you could risk a poor experience with your new branding strategy. But remember that it’s a great opportunity to put the customer’s needs first.

3. Transparency

Make sure that the rebranding process is transparent and involves the views of all the departments in your company. People who work in different departments are likely to have fresh ideas, and it’s much easier for a team to rally around a rebranding initiative if everyone in the company knows what’s at stake. Furthermore, be sure to include your employees in the rebranding process, as they will be the face of the brand to the customer.

4. Target Audience

The first thing to do is research. Do your research and understand your target audience. A company’s vision will be its guiding star throughout the whole rebranding process. You must gather insights from the target audience in order to create a more effective brand. You can also conduct surveys to find out what your target audience thinks about your company and how it compares to other companies. When doing rebranding, keep in mind the risks and opportunities.

5. Persona’s 

When doing rebranding, your goal should be to make it more customer-centric. You need to put the customer’s needs first and avoid making changes that will confuse your customers. It’s also necessary to consider the company’s culture and how it affects the brand. If employees have a positive attitude towards rebranding, they’ll be more likely to be brand ambassadors.

After determining the reasons for a rebrand, you need to gather the voices from across the company. This way, you can get the best ideas from people who have no idea about the brand. Involve employees in the rebranding process as they will be the face of the company to customers. Rebranding is a great way to bring your customers closer to your company. So, be sure to involve everyone who can contribute to it.

Your rebranding process should start with a vision. Having a vision for your business will help you guide your efforts, as well as your employees. Your employees will be the face of your brand, so they need to be involved in the entire process. The vision should be as unique as possible and stand out from the competition. Incorporate as many voices as possible, especially from other departments. The goal of rebranding is to put the customer’s needs first, not the brand. Your company vision should be defined and clearly communicated to your employees, clients, and other stakeholders. If your brand values have changed, you need to redefine them immediately. You should also make sure that your staff is involved in the rebranding process.

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